5 Tips to Make Sure You’re Prepared for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season in Florida is upon us once again. While we all hope for a mild season this year, it is best to ensure you are prepared for the worst. A strong storm in your area can have a devastating impact on virtually every aspect of your life, including any plans you may have for buying or selling a home. Taking the following steps can help ensure you are ready for whatever this year brings.

1. Avoid Damage to Protect Your Home’s Value

It is always critical to take steps to protect your home from damage during a hurricane. If you are thinking about selling your house in the near future, this becomes even more critical. Any storm damage to your house can have a direct impact on its value. If the storm is quite serious, it can also make it very difficult to get a contractor to complete the job in a timely manner so you can sell. Some simple things you can do to protect this asset include:

  • Installing Strong Shutters on All Windows
  • Ensure the Home is Waterproofed
  • Repair Any Loose Shingles & Siding Before the Storm

2. Double Check Your Insurance Policy

In the event that your home is damaged in a storm, you want to be sure that it can be fixed quickly and without costing you a huge amount of money. This means making sure your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover all types of damage. Give your insurance company a call before a storm is coming to avoid excessive delays or other problems that could occur. Make sure you have coverage for your home any other structures on your property (garage, sheds, etc), personal property, and other important items.

3. Take Pictures Today

It is always important to have up to date pictures of your home and all of your assets before a storm comes in. This is commonly recommended so that you can show the insurance company the pictures as proof should you need to make a claim. While that is important, the pictures may also be helpful in selling your home. If you’re in the process of selling your home shortly after a storm has passed, you can use these pictures to show prospective buyers what the landscaping and other areas will look like once the storm damage is addressed.

4. Look for Great Deals

If someone is tired of dealing with the annual hurricanes that threaten Florida, they may decide to try to sell their home before this year’s season gets into full swing. This means they may be very motivated to sell, and are therefore willing to take a lower offer than would otherwise be possible. Keeping a close eye on the real estate market in areas you are interested in can help you to land an incredible deal!

5. Prepare to Be a Good Neighbor

When a storm rolls through a neighborhood, it is important to work together to aid in the recovery efforts. People often help each other with the cleanup process and anything else that they need. In addition to being the kind thing to do, this will also help you restore your neighborhood to the way it should look, which will help you to maximize the value of your home.

Taking the right steps before, during, and after a major storm will really help to ensure you and your loved ones will be in the best possible position when hurricane season is over. If you have property damage and need help with your insurance claim, please contact us to schedule a consultation right away.

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